Rotary Speaker Guidelines

Thank you for accepting the invitation to speak at the Jerseyville Rotary Club.

  • Our Club meets on Monday for lunch from 12:00 to 1 PM at Peace United Church of Christ, 23098 Glenda Ave., Jerseyville.   
  • Plan to arrive between 11:30 & 11:45.  If an electronic presentation will be made, you will need to supply computer and projector; club provides a screen and microphone.  Handouts and "show and tell" items for members are encouraged.  
  • Please provide the club member who arranged your program with a brief bio.  This information will be used for your introduction.
  • Your presentation will begin around 12:30 after lunch and some club business.      
  • Plan to present for 15 - 20 minutes, include time for Q & A at the end.  Some members may choose to stay after the meeting if they have additional questions.
  • Presentation topic should be informational, educational, motivational or of entertainment value.  It is acceptable to talk about your specific business/organization's services and/or products; however, please refrain from any "sales pitch", direct solicitation for donations or personal religious or political messages.  
  • Club will not endorse specific political candidates or take positions on controversial public issues; political candidates should present topics that involve the general welfare of the community, the nation and/or the world. 
  • Club currently has 35 members.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your Rotary host, or our Club Vice-President
    Whitney McIver at 618.531.2256. 

We look forward to your presentation!