Member Criteria for Speaker


  • It is the responsibility of the member assigned to a particular date to attain a speaker for that day’s program, even if you cannot attend that day’s meeting.
  • Review the program speaker list and record the date you are assigned and then begin arranging your presenter.
  • Resolve conflicts (of whatever origin) by talking with other members about the possibility of trading dates.  This is done for three basic reasons:
    • One, to be sure the meeting is covered;
    • Two, to increase communication between club members and;
    • Three, provide good quality programs that will help bolster attendance.
  • Once your speaker is selected, request a bio and prepare a short introduction.  Remind your speaker that programs are 20 minutes in length including a question and answer period.
  • Remind your presenter that it’s helpful to provide visuals, hand-outs, and/or power point presentations, etc. to enhance the impact of their program.
  • Following the program, please provide the VP with the name and address of the speaker so that a thank you letter can be sent on behalf of the club.